NOTE:If you are travelling from overseas, including the EU, please remember to check all required documentation for entry into the UK.

If you need to know the start and finish times on each day before you get your ticket, for travel or other reasons, see the schedule.

If you can't see the tickets widget, you can buy your PyCon UK 2023 tickets here.

How to select your ticket rate

If your tickets are being paid for by your employer, please select the Standard rate.

If you are paying for your ticket out of your own pocket, please select the Individual rate.

If you are unwaged (for example in full-time education), please select the Unwaged rate.

If you have a young coder (aimed at ages 8 - 16) who wants to come to the Young Coders day, please select that rate. You can accompany them at no extra charge.

If you are happy to pay extra to help support the conference, you may select one of the Supporter rates.

The sprint day is accessible to all ticket holders at no extra charge.

About our ticket prices

Please note that anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an identifiable adult.

This adult has responsibility for the minor at all times and must be in attendence whenever the minor is, and contactable by the event organisers.

Ticket prices

The sprint day is accessible to all ticket holders at no extra charge.

Number of days 1 2 3
Standard £132 £246 £360
Individual £70 £120 £204
Unwaged £39.60 £75 £100
Young coders (aimed at ages 8 - 16, with accompanying adult) £6 - -
Supporter Standard - - £600
Supporter Individual - - £260

All prices in this table include VAT at 20%
VAT number: GB431251341