If you're new to Python or to PyCon UK, or are just wondering what on earth "Sprinting Pythonistas" means, you're in the right place!

If a question isn't covered here, you can get in touch and ask.

Can I volunteer to help? Indeed you can! The conference relies on a cast of wonderful volunteers- people just like you. There are always lots of tasks available, big and small, if you want to make a contribution. Maybe you fancy helping to record the talks? Perhaps your inner MC is itching to chair a session? Or how about offering to assist with the reception desk?
If you do want to help, find one of our friendly volunteers, or ask in the #volunteers discord channel. You can also select that you're willing to be a volunteer when you buy your ticket and you'll be contacted. Don't worry, it's not a binding commitment.

What is Python? The Python website has lots of helpful details on Python, including links to tutorials.


Pythonista A person who programs in Python.

What is a Sprint/Young Coders' Day/other conference event type?

Main Stage Events

Come to the main stage to see talks on a range of topics, with real-time speech to text translation!

Classroom Events

Listening to talks is great, but sometimes it's nice to actually get on and try to do something yourself! Come to a classroom event to learn about something and then try to put it into practise.

Past highlights have included various robotics and audio workshops.

Lecture Room Events

Looking for longer talks, or ones that may have more audience participation? Head for the lecture room!

Young Coders' Events

Calling all young coders! Join us at PyCon UK for a day of Python, learning new skills and trying out exciting projects. We'll be running workshops in the morning to get to grips with coding and after lunch you'll have the opportunity to work together and create something new. At the end of the day, you'll show and tell your creations with the rest of the conference!


Get involved with an open source project! You can pitch a project you're currently working on, or volunteer to help with one that is being worked on.

You don't need to be a great coder for this! Projects can benefit greatly from users helping with documentation or other tasks that don't require you to be able to code a bogosort blindfolded!

Evening Social Events

Stick around in the evenings to socialise with your fellow conference-goers. Aside from impromptu meetups in various pubs, there are also events held in the lower hall. Past events have included board gaming, crocheting, and live algorithmically generated music.