Almost all open source software collaboration takes place remotely and sometimes at a big distance: code sprints are an opportunity to work together in the same place.

What happens at a sprint?

Developers work together on a given open source project. To name just a few possibilities of what this can look like it could be:

What does someone need to contribute?

You can contribute to a project you have already contributed to: the code sprint presents an opportunity to meet people you have perhaps only ever spoken to online.

You can contribute to a project you use a lot: the code sprint presents an opportunity to have a discussion with a more experienced user of the project.

You can make your first ever open source software contribution: the code sprint is an excellent way to get involved with the open source community.

There is no specific need for anything apart from some interest. However having a laptop with Python as well as a basic knowledge of the version control system used is helpful but there’ll be people to help with that too.

Is leaving before the end of the sprint OK?

Yes: feel free to drop in and out.

If you are thinking of sprinting on a specific project at PyCon UK

Let us know. We will make a point to let everyone know what is happening at the sprints.

Is it OK to just drop in to take a look?

Yes :)