Call for Proposals

The CFP has now closed.

We welcome proposals from everyone. You don't need to be an expert, or an expert speaker. Below you can find out what kind of proposals we're seeking, but if you're in any doubt whether you should submit a proposal, please see...

Why you should submit a proposal

The call for proposals will close at 17:00 (Europe/London) on Friday 30th June.

Selections will be made after the CFP closes.

The CFP has now closed.

How to submit a more successful proposal

A person talking from a lectern on a stage to an audience with a slide visible on a projector. Also visible are the speech to text screens on either side of the room and the impressively ornate ceiling.

Main Stage Events

Speak to the wonderful PyCon UK audience!

Stand on our stage with full audio and video facilities, a large projector screen and speech to text translators transcribing every you word you say.

You can use the lectern, a wireless microphone or even go full 'Maria Carey' with an inobtrusive headset. If you need anything else, just let us know and our wonderful AV team will swing into action.

All sessions on the main stage are 30 minutes long and are recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Two people can be seen sitting at desks, intent upon their laptops as they work on the workshop. A large screen shows information pertaining to the workshop.

Classroom Events

Share something you know!

We have 2 rooms set up classroom-style, with rows of tables facing the front, and capacity for about 20 people each, and one room set up with round tables, and capacity for about 50 people. Each room has a projector and screen available.

You could lead a workshop, run a tutorial, host a discussion or anything else you think our community might enjoy.

Sessions are 90 minutes long and are not recorded.

A person talking to an audience with a projector screen behind them a flipchart to their right.

Lecture Room Events

Go a little deeper!

Our lecture room has a projector and screen and is configured in 'lecture' style with rows of seats for an audience of up to 100 people.

You could give a longer, more in-depth talk than a main stage event would permit and build in far more audience participation.

Sessions are 90 minutes long and are not recorded.

Young Coders' Events

Help young coders (aimed at ages 8 - 16) learn and make something!

We have part of the lower hall set up with round tables, capacity for around 30 young coders (plus their guardians) and a projector and screen.

Each young coder's 'workstation' will be set up with a raspberry pi.

You could share something with the next generation of coders. Help them find something to enjoy, and they can even show it off to the rest of the conference!

Sessions are 60 minutes long and are not recorded.